Friday, April 6, 2012

Realizing Connectedness

In this cyber age, connectedness means something different than it did a decade or more ago. Definitions change to fit the culture, times, and influences of the day. I've lived long enough to have multiple definitions for the word that means having part/elements logically linked together.

One definition also relates family members as connected by blood or adoption. I have always lived by that definition. Connectedness within chemical compounds or atomic distribution is also applicable. 

Links through philosophical beliefs or theories could apply. Today we also have connectedness within the cyber world.

How connected are you? How many social networks do you belong to? How many do you believe you need to belong to as a writer for a successful brand/platform/name? Or, do you think you have to be connected at all?

The rule of thumb in the business world, whether on Wall Street, in Washington D.C., or in Hollywood, declares; you’re only as important/influential as those whom you know, whom you’re connected to. All things being equal, who do you know?

Writers are told each day that platform matters to our career paths and futures. We’re advised to join networks, make connections, so that the circle of our influence continues to move ever-outward with new contacts and their networks. (I wonder if there will come a time when everyone in the world will be connected directly to every other person on the planet, if only in name.

If that were the case, would there be any influence at all for anyone? Each person would have as much backing as everyone else. Where would that leave us?

You’re probably wondering why I began this thought path. In doing Robert Brewer’s Author Platform Challenge this month, I realized this morning how much of the process I’ve already gone through and completed.

I have my networks in place, my Facebook, and Twitter accounts active and gaining members. I have my blogs, obviously. The thing I’m waiting to learn is how I can get these networks to work for me with positive changes which continue to build each week. I’d also like to know how to use the blogs for creating my own  readership, which continues to grow. Along with growing blogs, I’d like to know how to make them as enjoyable as possible and how to get them to pay me.

I’m not thinking of huge amounts of money here. I am talking about payoffs in book sales, etc. I’m hoping the appropriate tasks come along soon. I suppose the most useful piece of info for me is how to do all I need to do without using massive amounts of time in the process. Right now, time is something in short supply around here.

While I get myself all squared away here with the platform development challenge, tell me how you handle your own platform. Do you have one? If so, what is it and how long have you been building it? What are your goals for your career and do you think your platform will help you achieve those goals?

Leave me a comment. Tell about how you’re working all of this modern writing business connectedness aspect. I’m interested in knowing what others are doing with their work and how their efforts are paying off for them.

Until later,



  1. A shadow falls heavily across your blog...Nope I haven't read a word you have written here, or is it wrote or maybe it's designed here...But, this I can say I know you well, and now, now I will read what you say.

  2. Well, Jack, you certainly know how to make an entrance. That had to be the most refreshing wake up call I've ever gotten. Thank you.

    As for writing, I do what I can, when I can, and am blessed to be able to do so. Do I design here? I supposed one could call it that, although the design gets flimsy when I'm tired and it's late at night.

    But I am glad you stopped by. Tell me, which Lord of the Plains are you associated with; the men who fought to keep their native homes, or the video game that doesn't seem very appealing? I'd really like to know.

    Again, thanks for stopping by.


  3. Hi Claudette Young, Good to be here via g+ and thru from my friend blogger, nice that you are her since a long time good post, but i have small suggestion if ok pl go ahead. your blog font size is too small and difficult to read especially to older ones, pl keep increase the font size
    best regards

  4. Thanks for all your kind words, PV. I'm glad you liked mine enough to join us here.

    As for font size, I try each time to get the size to stay larger. With my extremely poor eyesight--read that as legally blind--I understand how frustrating website font size can be. I'll see what other measures I have power over and what resources I can bring to bare on the problem.

    Hang in there. Most of the time I have to use my computer's system to enlarge the whole page, or simply have it read the page to me. Windows 7 is so good about that, and always seems eager to read aloud.

    Take care and God bless.