Saturday, August 24, 2019

Found out today that this blog is still up and running. It's been years since I last posted here.
I'd moved on to other things and have since expanded and grown. So much so that now, I've gone into declutter mode. Have no fear. I've rediscovered quite a few things since I entered the world of releasing the past to make room for the future.
Perhaps that's why I've suddenly come across this blog and my access to it. Whatever the reason, it seems fitting that I do this now.
I hope all of your journeys into future endeavors take on growth elements that achieve more than merely minimizing your clutter.
My only suggestion is to take a small amount of time to recall why you kept something before you let it go. It's part of the process of ridding oneself of emotional ties/considerations as well as the physical object (s).

Have great life and take only what you love with you on that road.

A bientot, my friends,