Saturday, June 30, 2012

Today's sandbox at my poet's playground. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure and let me know if there are types of images or poetry that you'd like to see, or not, and I'll try to accommodate at least once a week.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Alphabet of Life’s Daily Events: “A” Through “M”

A few days ago I was reminded of family duty of communication. Work and daily life chaos had prevented me from calling on of my aunts for far too long. I was reminded periodically, but “things” got in the way. She took the initiative to call me, never chiding, but reinstating my obligation to keep in touch more regularly. I’m to keep that in mind came the unspoken instruction.

Break to when I got off the phone. Questions swirled in my brain. How often do we change course in our lives through such a soft-toned reminder that someone worries about us when they do not hear from us often enough? And how often do we voice the same concern over one who’s been silent too long?

Causing people distress isn’t something I indulge in purposely. Yet, as it does for so many it happens occasionally through social interaction and family dynamics. Somewhere there must be a mechanism for the prevention of the effect of our lives.

Direction came from my Creative Muse as she let fly with one of her spurts of healing juice. I discovered within me the unstoppable need to put poetry to picture for Claudsy’s Blog. This process takes as long as writing a blog post and is not something done to save time.

Examination of suitable photos takes nearly as much time as writing the specific poem that will hold court in that image. Sizing the photo, getting Sister’s copyright with proper placement, and sighting the position of the text box, all take up time. I’m fussy. Everything must be just right before I hit the save button, and if it isn’t, it hits the trash bin.

Fortune smiled for me, I had the exact photo that fit my mood. Muse wrote the poem through my fingers. Et voila, a poem photo is produced and posted.

Gathering other images for use with poetry kept me moving that day, along with my other writing obligations. Stretching my writer’s fingers has become a full-time occupation lately; one which keeps me growing and moving forward. The experience is a good one, albeit exhausting.

Here, in my small office space does magic occur. I don’t concern myself with whether someone will lift my new creation for their own use. I’m sure some already have. I think of these personal triumphs as ambassadors, carrying part of my purpose with them on their travels.

In the time it’s taken to write this short piece, something I’ve created from nothing more than a thought and a supposition has taken flight to destinations unknown, to ask questions, offer solace, lift a spirit or simply offer beauty. That is its only obligation and my only concern.

Jumbled within our daily exercise of life, should we not take one hour to create something for no other reason than to share it? Should one have to desire more than that revelry in order to enjoy the process of creation? Must we have other agendas?

Knowing the soul’s purpose for creation is, I learned, absolutely necessary or there can be no joy in it. If the act of creation causes dis-stress, pain, confusion, tension, and a sense of never being good enough, it becomes the destroyer of the one creating; its own antithesis.

Longing to free Muse from a stagnant prison empowered me to begin writing, to make a serious effort toward publication and the writing life. My hard work led to being published several times in several genres. Along the way, the business got in the way of the creation.

Making room for life within the business of living under the title of “Author” can wear down anyone as it did me. I’d lost sight of my purpose in writing. I’d almost lost the joy creation. I was brought up short before it was too late. And I’ll always thank those responsible for it.

A Break from habit, Causing me to follow a new Direction to make a closer Examination of the  Fortune in ideas Gathering  Here  In  Jumbled array;  Knowing Longing for the Making of new creations for all. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

There are times when creativity overwhelms other considerations. Hence this bit of poetry with image.               

Monday, June 4, 2012

How-To Create Writing Prompts

One of the most helpful and time-saving tasks the writer can do is to create a series of writing prompts. These prompts can be for any genre, any writing level, and any length of proposed project. If all you need is a mental push—okay, let’s talk shove here—prompts fill your plate with possibilities.

Deciding on a theme for a group of prompts can keep you in work. Whether you’re blogging or writing on spec, prompts can help keep you focused. If you enjoy writing poetry, you can keep yourself occupied forever with a few photos or subject prompts. Here are some examples for two subjects.

All you need is to give your imagination free range. Each prompt is a wisp of thought or image derived from the theme.

Theme: A coastal location and a brewing storm (This theme has driven prose and poetry alike for centuries.) 
·       Prompts
o   A lost child is calling
o   Returning home
o   Sunken treasure
o   Selkies—mythical creatures
Theme: A Winter’s Day
·       Prompts
o   Old-fashioned sledding with shovels
o   Bitter cold and the walk home
o   Deep snow hinders free movement
o   Bright blue skies and snow-burdened pines

None of these prompts took time to conger up. They were waiting there, just under the surface, vying for attention. What can you do with such small prompts?

Any of these could be the basis of a short story, a poem, an article, or a profile. A Profile?

Yes, a profile. Look at it this way. How many times have you read an article about a lost child calling for help until someone hears? There’s a rescue, emergency personnel, etc. And how many times is the child interviewed? What about the rescuer? Sometimes they fade into obscurity or anonymity. In times past, they’re often ignored. Or, what about when the rescuer is an animal? Can you think of an angle where a profile can be done on the one ignored, or the animal praised and forgotten? Could this not be a historical article?

Selkies? Really? Dig a little into mythological history and see what you find. These are fascinating creatures; ones still accepted as real among some fishermen. Could you not put verse together about these, a piece of short fiction, or perhaps an article on mythical creatures in today's world?

Bright blue skies and snow-burdened pines are an idyllic winter scene, but what is the danger here? Can you find it? If you live in the Deep South, would this be heavenly or hellish? Perspective defines all things.

Taking the time to put together short writing prompts, to themes which interest you or can further express your thoughts and ideas, can keep you writing, even when you’re facing that blank page and empty mind syndrome known as writer’s block. Give it whirl. What do you have to lose? I’d be willing to bet you can get through to the end without your mind triggering on one of your generated prompts.

Enjoy the exercise. It helps tone a writer’s idea muscles. Until later,


Friday, June 1, 2012

News Breaks

Friday, June 1, 2012—Claudsy and Meena Rose launch their new endeavor “Two Voices, One Song” with two posts, one in the Garden room and the other in the Kitchen. There’s a bit of something for everyone.

Denise Stanley of “Room to Write” fame is having a Giveaway for the next couple of weeks. Pop on over and see how to enter this lively little celebration. She’d love to see you. 

Claudsy’s Calliope will continue for the foreseeable future with a posting two-three times a week. Yes, you all thought I’d abandon you, didn’t you? No such luck for now. I’ll still come here to kitbitz, complain—but not much, and generally talk about writing.

Claudsy’s Blog will have postings every other day from now on, since I’ll have new post on 2Voices, 1Song on alternate days, usually. Please drop by Claudsy’s Blog anytime you get the opportunity. I’m working on guest posts for that site for this month, and perhaps another interview as well.

My author’s page on Facebook could use some more love. If you haven’t done so as yet, please pop over there and punch the like button. I’ve still got a few needed likes before I get any insights on that little page.

I’ve decided to go back to studying Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way.” I abandoned it when Sister and I went on the road and didn’t pick it back up on our return. It dawned on me when I was writing my post for 2Voices, 1Song, how much I need to resume that study.

Therefore, beginning tomorrow, I’ll be back at my Morning Pages. Heaven only knows what will erupt from my subconscious now. It will be interesting to find out.

Things around home are chugging right along. Sister begins her new degree program next Monday. I have my own coursework at the moment and for many moments to come. Learning is a good thing around here that we strive for.

And there you have it for today on my personal news front. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for coming here and reading my small musings as often as you do. You are truly appreciated.

I’ll see you next time, folks.