Thursday, April 12, 2012

Taking a Spin Around the World of Writing

In Robert Lee Brewer’s blog My Name Is Not Bob for his Author’s Platform Challenge this morning, he gave a simple task, something that all of us with blogs do on a regular basis. He asked us to write a blog post, at the end of which we were to put a “call to action” on the part of the reader.

He explained that a “call to action” was merely a direction given the reader. For instance, a shared link that the writer urges the reader to explore, or a post from the past that has relevance at the moment. It seems a simple, straightforward task, doesn’t it?

I thought so, too, until I began it. What should I use for my call to action, I asked myself. I thought about the sites I’d been to in the past couple of days, the blog posts I’d made elsewhere, the past posts I’d made here and on Claudsy’s Blog. Perhaps, I could pinpoint one of the blogs that I follow on a regular basis, with/without my personal comments. Choices circled my head until I was dizzy.

The unhappy/happy result was that I chickened out and did a bit of all of them. Yes, I admit, I had to make it much more complicated than it was. I know that I always—well, almost always—end a post with at least a question, which is a call to action. You do think about an answer, don’t you, when faced with a question? See there. You did it again.

Each of the following is pertinent to the writer, or reader for that matter. Some ask questions. Others impart information. All can be used for some purpose. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be listed. Enjoy the choices and let me know how you did with them, what you learned, and if any of them helped in any way during your day.

If you managed to get through all of that, you merit a medal of persistence.

Have fun, above all. 

Until later,


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