Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Needs For The Road and Other Considerations

It's so nice to come home for a few minutes to check in and say hello. It's been a while and we've traveled approx. 2500 miles so far.

We're taking this morning to update everything we can. We haven't had a great long opportunity to post.

We're currently sitting in Big Spring, TX. at a TA truck stop, coffee at hand, great waitress bustling around and decent music overhead--ever the Christmas reminder.

Some who've seen our car during this trip have turned away stunned by its contents. In an attempt to give everyone the proper perspective concerning our rolling household, I thought I'd give you an overview of what travels with us.

Our small HHR has an effective "cargo" space of approximately 54 cubic ft. That's 4' x' 4' x' 3'. In that space we haven crammed:

1- 2rm, 8 person, tent in its case                1- 12' x 16' ground sheet
2 - 3" roasting forks for hot dogs, etc.        1 twin mattress, inflatable w/pump
1- 5 gal. water jerry                                   1- XL, xlng canvass cot in bag
2- sleeping bags                                         1- tool kit
1- med kit                                                  3- extra blankets
2- large pillows                                           2- LED lanterns 1lg, 1sm
1- computer office for Jo                            1- writer's office for Claudsy
1- lg. suitcase for each of usCamera equipment for the photographer        
1- smaller bag w/toiletries, etc.
1- personal bag w/vitamins, meds, etc for each of us
2- lg. coffee mugs                                        Cell phones, sunglasses and necessary front seat items
1 18" x 30" x 18" kitchen box, holding 2 sauce pans, 2 skillets, 1 griddle, 1 coffee pot, 1 soup pot w/lid, place settings for 4 w/lg. salad bowl, 9 Sm. soup bowls, 2 glasses, varying spices, dry goods, and sundry other necessities for the kitchen chores.

The above inventory isn't in minute detail, you'll notice. It does give the overview of what we felt we'd need to stay on the road for approximately one year.

The hard reality is that fewer tenting camp areas exist. They're being shut down for "financial" reasons.We're having to go farther between destination points to find affordable camp facilities. Somehow, $35-$45 per night doesnt' represent "reasonable" tenting fees to us.

For any who contemplate taking the family on a summer camping excursion (with far less personal gear), please check ahead fifteen ways to Sunday to guarantee fee schedules in the areas you're visiting.

We did extensive research on destinations all over the country a couple of months before we left and ave been more than disappointed a few times. Many campgrounds have closed, many have raised fees, and others simply allow RVs only now.

Sudden changes like those above wreak havoc with travel budgets. Here in Texas, because of the extensive drought, there is a fire fan on. That means no camp fires and a camp stove is iffy.

Oh, one other thing. For any driving the highways along the southern corridor, be aware of the border patrol check points. They just had a border officer killed in AZ a few days ago and they're a bit nervous right now.

And in case anyone's curious, those stations can be as far north of the border as 40 miles or so.

Well, gang, that's all you get here today. The website and other blogs will carry other aspects of our trip so far. Check them out to see how things move.

Take care and God bless. Thanks for stopping by to check on us. Hopefully, I'll be able to write sooner next time.

Until then,


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