Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hanging Out in Southern California

That's right! We're hanging out in southern California with a writer friend and her hubby. Mikki has welcomed us into her home and we've had a blast since being here. It was well worth all the bad weather to get here.

We've known blizzards, rain, fog, and everything in-between. We've been at the beach to watch the tide come in and hear the breakers that told us of the rip-tides. We've been to Morro Rock to see the rookeries, after which we had a great lunch at The Great American Fish Company. Jo says it's clam chowder is to die for.

We've been up the Eagle's Nest, a winery outside Paso Robles. The Nest is built as a castle, complete with water-filled moat and hundreds of acres of vineyards. This area as become the lower Napa Valley. It's wonderful here. We've got sunshine right now; such a rare treat over the last week.

Tomorrow we'll be heading down to the LA area to see more friends and to catch the I-5 again. From there we'll go down to San Diego and turn east.

Our adventure is beginning with good karma for the future. Our goal is San Antonio by Christmas.

Until my next update in, hopefully, less than a week, take care and God bless. Have a wonderful week of your own. See you soon.


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