Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Blacktop Awaits

We've had our rest, and we've visited with friends. It's time to return to the open road and do more traveling.

Early tomorrow morning we move out onto the road again. This hop will be a short one, however. We need to finish a few things in the Houston area before continuing on to Louisiana. We've got friends and others with whom to meet. We have a few more short adventures on the Texas Gulf Coast before rain soaks everything for the next week.

Yes, that's right. Rain is again going to be trailing behind us. If we stay in one spot long enough, everyone will get a bit of a wetting. Hey, what do you expect? It's winter, after all.

I'm glad for the prospect of moving again, of looking forward to new sights and experiences. Being stationary while visiting loved ones and good friends is a marvelous and welcome treat. But the road! That's where the unkinown calls, begging to be allowed into the circle of the campfire where stories are told on dark nights and goodies are roasted to perfection. It's that unknown that draws us, that keeps the  wheels rolling and the anticipation at fever pitch.

How many people hear the call anymore? I wonder. Have we given up  that part of ourselves that yearns to explore the far hills and valleys for possible treasures to end all treasures? Have we lost the ability to relate to our pioneer ancestors and their desires to move about the country in search of... So many things to search for...

Think about it. Did your ancestors search for gold in California or Alaska? What about black gold on the plains of Oklahoma and Texas? Did they put their few belongings into a covered wagon and risk everything to find a different, perhaps better life in the west? If you're not Native American, you're forefathers came from somewhere else. How long did it take them to get here and begin to build a new life?

See what I mean. All of those people risked everything for the sake of a possibility--a simple possibility. And yet, there is no such thing. Nothing is ever simnple. The "simple" act of throwing a ball is terribly complicated when you break it down to every last component that goes into that action. (I know. I just couldn't help myself. I had to throw that in.)

So, what's our simple possibility? you ask.

I suppose it's two/threefold. 1. To see our country, especially those places we're never been. 2. To write about the experience so that everyone can experience it, too. 3. To learn about ourselves and our own deepest desires.

Nevertheless, beneath everything else, it all comes down to one question. CAN WE DO IT?

I doubt either of us have a glimmer of answer to that question. We don't know for sure. We only know that we're going to give it our best shot. We're going to do whatever it takes to do as much of it as we possibly can.

No one knows the future. We don't claim that ability, either. We only know that we're the only senior wemen we've heard of who're traipsing around this country in a car filled  with camping gear and looking for a deeper adventure. That in itself should be world something.

Therefore, we begin again tomorrow. We know only where we plan to be for the next week. I hope everyone here and any others our readers can drag in for a looksee will stop by to witness updates when they're posted.

I do want to take time to thank everyone who comes by to see what Sister Jo and I are up to. It makes things worthwhile in a different way.

Until next time, take care, all, and God bless.


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