Monday, November 22, 2010

Today's Endeavors

Our current conditions--Cold with a smattering of snow.


I walked with my muse today.
We talked along the way to a large open space--
Nothing particular to say between us.
We sat, silent, staring at the emptiness ahead
Until I chose words to add panache to the scene.
Muse waved a negligent hand to paint the sky with sunset,
While I worked with soils and waters before me.
A few breaths later the picture cleared and I could see
What Muse and I had painted so effortlessly.

Between bouts of computer work, packing continues to consume time. Between bouts of packing, planning begs for continuation. Better to do planning, then packing, then working. Yet all must get done soon.

Enjoy your week, peeps.


**NOTE: Photo used with permission of  BJ Jones Photography, 2010

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