Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Deed Done

I wrote a poem for a challenge several weeks ago. I've since done a small edit and choose to share it here. Until one of those critiquing the challenge pieces mentioned it, I didn't realize that I'd created an "epic" poem. Color me shocked when I heard that.

I merely wanted to share a summary of my favorite high fantasy book, The Deed of Pansennarion by Elizabeth Moon. Now I bring it here. I hope everyone can enjoy it and try their hand at writing such a summary of their own favorite books.

by Claudette J. Young

A long golden braid coiled around her head,
Kept in place by a warrior’s helmet.
Born of Finthan sheepfarmers, she grew strong.
She ran thirty miles to join the Duke’s men,
And when recruited, she gave her name--Paks.

Paks marched, trained, made friends in the troupe,
A natural warrior, she excelled,
A favorite of officers and troops.
Yet some tainted ones wished her only ill.
Magic framed her for foul deeds she’d not done.

Truth comes with faith, a sign of honor lived.
Good routes evil, strengthens Paks’s rank.
Soon Duke chooses year’s elite recruit group,
Who’ll lead companies south toward a war.
Paks and her squad lead off to great Valdaire.

From Valdaire war’s campaign in Rotengre,
Paks held sword, facing awaiting foes.
Ending with leg near lost, magic cures all.
Ambush on return home costs more friends lives,
Again magic hands, Duke’s intervention.

Rage-filled hearts demand decision--vengence,
Confusion fuels fires, though Paks seeks justice.
Seasons change and wars, mercs fight for money.
Paks marches again, a siege to begin,
Evil demi-gods fight paladin’s might.

Orders come, Dwarfwatch needs protection, too.
Fortress must stand rear guard, Paks goes again.
Treachery takes the unwary by day,
Captain slain under truce, gates drop war tight,
Leaving Paks, Canna, Sabin hiding out.

The three break cover by night, Duke’s men all.
One wounded, two recruits, stealthy woodscraft,
Hiding, creeping, staying low, avoid foe.
Two die so close, so far, just hours away,
Paks finds sentry, gets to Duke, collapses.

That villain, Honeycat, eludes Duke’s wrath.
Duke loses captain but retakes fortress.
Rest, heal, regroup to fight again in siege.
Gods battle, men die, evil crawls away.
Nothing solved, Time to return to Valdaire.

Months pass, wounds heal, tempers banked, fresh recruits
Arrive to flesh out depleted troop strength.
Duke’s pledge made. Honeycat’s head on a pike.
Merc companies rally in Valdaire, each
With a stake in likely southern outcome.

Revenge stalks forest, towns in running war.
Battles rage, skirmishes erupt for weeks.
The end is near, the rumor runs--death comes.
Rumor told truth. A ruined citadel
Held Honeycat, that evil Liart’s dupe.

Duke chose Paks to take squad for trap, await,
Capture, hold their prey for final revenge.
Magic brought sleep, shadows bought escape plans,
Paks fought sleep, watched shadows, foiled escapees,
Caught, held, injured, Paks saw Duke’s swift justice.

Hailed as hero, Paks shied from paladin,
Though drawn, she could not remain with the Duke.
Other calls drew her north to find herself,
Her justice sense needed satisfaction.
And so, with trader and elf, she moved north.

Adventures, training, mysteries, intrigue
Showing her trails. Paladin--her powers
Granted by four Gods for justice’s sake.
Paks knew herself, she knew her loyalties,
Gods worked her, protecting their interests.

Questing for rightful king for throne moves her
Back toward Duke’s East. Phelan holds key to quest.
An elf sword, Liart priest, Gods battle, all
To put Duke on throne of eastern kingdom.

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